Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lorena and I'm a Photographer, Blogger and Mom of three sweet girls and lover of family and nature. Writing keep me sane, focused and inspired. I love taking hundreds of photographs and capturing the beautiful memories that surrounds us every day so you will usually find me talking about them. 

My blog is my place of Zen. ramblings, complaints and some advice too.  I like to think my marriage of 16 years and having mothered three girls makes me a bit of a pro on things of life.  Not really but if that's not enough, my 3/4 Psychology degree, business owner and photography history might help me a bit. Plus I've been social and online designing websites since the year 2000. That's like, a long time ago! ;) 

I know a bit of everything so promise to try to be useful along the way. If you like something you see don't forget to let me know... I sure appreciate your comments.  Either way, thanks a bunch for stopping by! XOXO ツ 

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