Happy Mama's Day to me!

Happy Mother's Day to me!  I feel a little greedy saying this but I had an amazing Mother's Day!  I mean it in the MOST grateful way really.  It was actually so much more than I ever imagined.  I usually say to myself, so long as I can take it easy today, but this time I had fun all day long.  

I never imagined it would turn out so nice but in the morning I woke up to so many beautiful flowers, thoughtful and sweet cards and even a gift I wasn't expecting.  I got to go to a birthday party that morning, then headed to Red Lobster for lunch then went to watch The Avengers - infinity war at night!  Woohoo, this mama was all happy and more. 

Thank you God for blessing me with life, health and family to be able to enjoy days like these.  I surely don't take them for granted anymore.  They are rare, they are precious and they make life worth living.  Here's to many more Mama's Days and hope your day was just what you imagined and so much more.  


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