Happy 16th Birthday Sophie!

A cinco de Mayo theme party on Cinco de Mayo for a 16th Birthday... yep, that's how it all went down. I wish I could post photos from the actual party but can't on account that I was a bit, shall we say, Cincoed out?  Aside from that, my phone was used for it's Apple Music playlists and never got to use it.  Yes, I regret it but at the same time I really enjoyed every minute of it.  Please don't let these nice photos fooled you, the party was pretty wild. 

A couple of my sisters came to visit and others weren't able to but they were so missed.  I know they would've liked to be here.  It's not a party unless we are all together, then I know we are gonna have fun.   I also missed my mom.  She usually makes a trip to visit us around this time, but she's been busy lately so I understand.  I can't wait to visit her though next month, God first. 
These photos though... I know right?  I am blown away at how much she's growing.  My little Sophie is no more.  She's growing into a beautiful and smart and kind and caring young lady.  I could not be prouder of her.  She's everything I wish I could've been at her age and more but isn't this the way is should be?  Our children should alway be better, smarter and kinder than we were or else we're not doing our part.  By teaching them to be like us but more ensures we have a grander future generation that the one we grew up in,  I don't know, that's just how I feel. 

The day came and went and just like that it was over.  Just like everything in life I guess.  Nothing lasts forever which is why these moments are precious in every way.  All that is left are the memories and some photos to prove you weren't dreaming. 


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