Merry Christmas

So the most waited for day has come and gone and the older I get, the more I look forward to it ending.  I would label this as the "most hectic time of my year" for me as there's so much planning to do, so much buying, shopping and dreading what to get distant relatives.  The pressure, the struggle, the hassle can get insane.

This year's theme is MINIMALIST, or getting rid of excess that only bogs my mind.  I already have too much to think about throughout the year that when Christmas rolls around I get overwhelmed.  I almost feel like Christmas comes too soon.  

With three daughters who dream of Christmas for 365 days, I knew I had to get over my Scroogy self and get out there.  With one week before Christmas something happened to me that taught me a huge life lesson I won't soon forget. I got the worst flu of my life. 

Right when I felt like I had this under control, with one week left I told myself "I got this".  It was all good.  There were gifts under the tree, Santa was ready, decorations finished, I am ready.  Then my first daughter comes down with a fever, then my second, then my third comes down with it too.  Oh God, I knew I was in trouble by then.  I had no idea what was about to run over me.  

This year's flu has been called vicious and evil.  I completely agree.  I personally felt like dying while getting pounded with a sledge hammer.  With just a few days before my mom came to visit, I was running on empty.  The house had become a mess with me being bed ridden for 5 days, gifts still needed wrapping, food was not planned or shopped for and I feared I would get my mom sick with the flu so I would have to cancel her trip to visit us.  Have I really been this naughty this year?
Everything was going wrong at that point then Wednesday rolls around and I got a glimpse of hope.  I began to feel better and suddenly my life was complete again.  I just needed a little break and a glimpse of hope and I had finally got it.  Thank God I got better in time, cleaned the house and shopped for food the last minute.  My mother came and we had an amazing Christmas.  

The Christmas that I dreaded had now become the Christmas I looked forward to.  Nothing really mattered other than being with my family and mother and having my health back.  All I wanted for Christmas was my health to be able to be with, enjoy and care for my family.  Oh how determined I am at doing what I can for my body this year.  I know I say this every year, but 2017 has beat me down with a stick this year and until I got the flu, it was not done with me.  

No matter what, I learned to make time for my family and my loved ones and take care of your health. Learn to appreciate what you have when you have it.  Material things are not as important as you think and they don't last long anyways.  Most of the toys my girls got for Christmas are nowhere to be found anymore, so it's all about the joys of being together cuddling and watching a good family movie.  Or just simply talking.  Nobody just talks anymore.  


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