Homecoming 2017

I just have to begin by saying I can't believe this is my beautiful girl. It seems like it was just yesterday she was my little babygirl learning to walk and speak and now I look at her and just want to cry. She's growing up so fast and with a great head on her shoulders I might add. Every day I've been amazed at her development since birth. I still miss her little voice telling me "yes mama" and "I love you" as she went to sleep at night. It's like where did that little girl go?

She is transforming into a beautiful young lady, that's where!  I am so proud of her dreams, her aspirations, her goals, her priorities, her discipline, her grit and her determination.  She's always had all of these and more and now I am truly beginning to see it all come together.  What you put in them is what you will get out. 

My first memory of her after being placed on my chest the moment she was born was me making a promise to her to try to be the best mom to her that I could be.  At that very moment I became committed to doing what I could to be a good teacher and role model to her.  I was getting my degree in Psychology at the time so child development was my passion.  I believed a child is a clean slate and it is up to us parents to fill it up with just the right amount of love, respect and discipline.  This has always been my goal even with my other two daughters after her.  Even though they have different personalities, (Sophie could listen to me for hours while my youngest ones begin to scratch and fidget after a few minutes) I know we all have a little person inside of us who just wants to feel proud of ourselves.  I believe if you make this your top priority, things will usually turn out right. 

As she matures and enters a whole new time of her life, I will be here to help guide and give her all the advice that I can.  I always have and always will believe she was born to be an amazing person because she has so much potential.  Things may happen, but as long as we always find out way back, we can make our dreams come true.  With love everything is possible. 


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