He made it happen

 I can't say enough how grateful I am for him.  He made this incredible journey happen.  In four years we went to every state of this United States (main land). I can hardly believe it myself but he has a shot glass from every state to prove it.  Here we are in Portland, Maine.  One of the most peaceful states I've ever been to.  The weather is perfect and all the people are so chill.  It's just perfect.
HELLO CANADA!  Wow, this moment lives forever in my mind.  I close my eyes and I'm there, crossing the border to go into Canada.  Now I can say I've been to three countries!  That's awesome. 

Thank you babyboy for making this amazingly memorable journal happen.  Here we are at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Pretty awesome memories.
Love you Boo!


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