High Key Love

This year has been filled with change for me.  It's taught me not to fear it but rather embrace it.  Change is inevitable and sometimes necessary.  While this is just a small area, change led me to turn more of a minimalist this year.  I painted my walls white and threw away a lot of colorful items around my house.  I am more drawn to white than ever before in my life.  I used to hate white but now... like a moth to a flame.
Another way my new minimalist life changed was in my photography.  I no longer desired cluttered heavy backgrounds, but the clean beauty of nothingness.  I got myself learning new techniques and learning how to completely whitewash the background of my images and a new me was born.

They say life's hardships changes you, and they are absolutely correct.  Sometimes change is necessary no matter what.  I guess you find happiness when you finally stop giving a damn what other people think.  You learn to live for what you love and what makes you happy, not for anyone else.  This is just one small change I've noticed in my life.  While it may not be significant to anyone else, it is to me.  The white background signifies that life can be anything you want it to be.  I can also just look at Rango's eyes forever, the moment, the silence and the fact that I just want to print and enlarged them and put them on my wall.  Damn, he's one good looking cat. 

Has there been any significant way life changed for you this year?


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