Beach Time

Finally couldn't get here fast enough.  I actually dream of this vacation for one whole year prior.  This time though, I knew things would be different.  They were and the most I needed this time off to just think of nothing but hear the waves of the ocean.  There's a certain kind of healing that comes with being around these little creatures.   
 In the rare event I take a photo of all three of my girls at the same time, I get reminded how grateful I am to have them in my life.  They have been my greatest joy in this life.
So grateful that my legs made it to this beach.  There were times when I thought I wouldn't.
 And this photo.  Self explanatory I think.  Just me and the ocean, what more could I ask for?  I always say my dream life would be somewhere on a beach house for the rest of my life.  No doubt.
Photo created from a video snippet.  In love!
And then this photo happened.  Well, I literally made it happen.  Sometimes it's the only way.  I saw the perfect motion shot of the seagull over Marina's head and with just a few edits, it looked just how I wanted it to.  I should write a post on my favorite editing apps because you really can make magic happen with just your phone these days.
Dang you little Canon G7 camera, you are amazing!
P.S.  I used the little Canon G7 Mark II to take this beach photo.  I am quite impressed with the quality.  It's a great little camera to have when you can't take your DSLR to places like the beach.  I usually don't since I don't want to get sand in it.  Check out the background blur, I couldn't believe such a little camera could make me so happy and with the wifi transfer, I was able to share on the spot.