Fathers Day

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the daddy who is always giving, caring, loving and always finding ways to spoil his girls. I've never seen a man create and do so much to see his girls happy and will forever be grateful that he is in their lives.  

Went out to eat at this favorite place, Red Lobster.  Yeah, I know, but what can I do. It was his day and he gets to choose.  I have to say RL used to be our favorite place to eat for almost every occasion, until their food got terrible.  Now it's just until it's his absolute only choice, so we probably won't be there until next year. 

As far as for me, it's my first Father's Day without a father.  This is my first year I feel empty inside and all I can do is wish for my father's embrace, the sound of his voice and feeling his love in my life. I miss him more every single day and never knew such heartbreak existed and now this day comes to remind me how devastated I am. I am so broken.  Will I ever heal?  Will my my heart ever stop aching?  Probably not.  Sometimes I can't even function.  The only thing that keeps me going is the memory that he was my amazing dad and that one day I will see him again.

I miss you papi.  


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