Happy Birthday to Me

 One more year of feeling blessed. Every year I hear what do you want for your birthday and this year more than ever I just said nothing.  What I really wished for is for this hole of sadness in my heart to be filled but it's not, so there was no use to asking for anything.  Mostly I just wanted to feel happy, finally feel happy on this day and that's exactly what I got.

A birthday on a Tuesday is no fun, but definitely had to make the best of it.  Went to eat at Taste of Texas and had a delicious steak.  The biggest and most delicious steak I've ever had.  Went home and took a nap, seriously that steak was that good!
After my mini-food-coma, it was movie time!  I wanted to go see the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and it was amazingly funny!  I'm so happy I went to see that movie, I highly recommend it.

And that was that.  Came home and poured myself some wine and made a fool of myself on Snapchat.  I couldn't think of a better way to end this day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Finally a day I made all the decisions and I thank God for another year.  With sadness in my heart but gratefulness for everyone and everything around me.  I love my family!


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