You look like trouble

2017, I'm looking at you and I can already tell you want to be trouble. I am here to tell you I will DOMINATE you and put my life on track.  Time and time again I have let my past dictate my future.  I have judged myself for the mistakes I've done in the past.  Feeling hopeless I felt like if I wasn't able to change them then, what makes me think I will be able to in the future?

This kind of simple mentality kept me in the dark.  Always trying to feel my way around, just hoping to bump into something good.  Productivity doesn't work that way.  You plan, you visualize, you execute.  There is no room for hoping and fantasizing, you have to take action.  There is a huge difference between visualizing and fantasizing!

Pick a journal, any journal and begin making your 2017 plan.  At the current time, I have too many to mention but I will definitely be making suggestions based on how useful they become.  I like clean ones, open to just write all your fears away.  Then there are some with very specific sections made for action and execution and lists.  All kinds of goodies! These will contain the mother load of all your planning.

I just gotta take 2017 by the horns and good planning makes all the difference!  Whatever you plan on achieving this year, a good journal will help tremendously.  Once you start you won't be able to stop.



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