Natural Beauty

Any day is a good day for a photoshoot, right.  My beautiful Sophie has been my muse since the moment she was born and have been photographing her ever since.  She made me the proud momtog I am today so I owe her so much for that.  She has grown up to become a gorgeous young lady and quite the expert at posing for mama. 

For now it has become more of a win/win situation for us.  I get to ease my craving for photographing beauty and she gets to have some cool social media shots to share.  We are both happy.  I mean seriously, do you know how hard it is to find willing models on the spot?  Incredibly!  I am just so lucky to have her give me some of her precious time and in return I treat her the best I can.

Just a quick side note on the new style I am suddenly obsessed with.  A few years ago I became in love with the desaturated look of photos and began editing my photos this way.  It didn't last long because it just so happens we tend to mimic what we see.  If some other photographer is doing this then I should too, kind of thing.  So I tried this and that look but for some reason the one look my heart always desired was the washed out, desaturated look with pale skin. Warms be gone! So now this new look is me again. I am now embracing the me that always was. 

This is why my new favorite color is, wait for it, WHITE.  Whaa? A few years ago I would never ever thought I would say this.  Never!  White was actually my least favorite color in all the colors, even less that fuchsia or magenta.  I didn't even think it was even a color, it was devoid of color I thought.  And don't even get me started on how I felt on beiges or tans, I loathed them entirely!  To me they were just a dirty version of white. But now, now?  Now I seriously crave all these colors, or non-colors for that matter.  There is something so soothing about the lack of color that is so relaxing to my stressful day. 

This is what photography has done to me, I guess.  It has even transformed my favorite color pallet. I see a white wall and think "background" almost immediately.  If I could I would paint all my walls white, black accents with tan furniture, beige blankets and taupe baskets.  All this seems devoid of color much like my new photo filter preference, so it makes sense.  I am changing for sure.  I even caught myself saying I would like an antique-ish table for my dining room.  Antique?!  I used to hate antiques!!! What is happening to me?  Someone please help me. :)

Or not.  I'm actually quite happy with who I have become now and will continue to do me.  So for now, yay for beiges and whites, I really like the new me.  I can't wait to get started on repainting my wall these earth tones and get rid of the horrid green walls I currently have.  What was I thinking? Oh well, live and learn and mature and all that good stuff. 

Yay for earth tones, my new obsession.


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