Merry Christmas

The only gift I want to open this Christmas is their happiness and their love and their hugs.  I thank God for my family every single day for they are the biggest blessing I could ever ask for.  They are my motivation, they are my strength and they most definitely are my happiness.  I could not be who I am without them. They inspire me every day to be the best version of myself I can be and then some.

I have three little lives just learning to one day take flight in this sometimes scary world and it's up to me to help them make the best of it.  I was ill prepared and had no clue where I was headed when I was young and it seems like I still don't sometimes.  If the only good thing I do in this life is make them better prepared to take this life by the horns, then I will have succeeded in my journey.  Take nothing for granted and learn from every experience.  Good or bad, it doesn't matter.  Life is meant to be lived, not feared.  Like a lioness, my three little cubs make me fierce!

So Merry Christmas to all my family and friends out there and may you be blessed this coming year. Remember that nobody gives out blessings, we have to find them ourselves. This is why they say "count your blessings" because they are already in front of you.  Happiness is wanting what you have and that should only be each other.  



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