A new family tradition

Never have I ever had a real Christmas tree before.  Never.  One thing I've learned about life though is that there's always a first for everything and this has finally happened to us.  The Frith family got the tree of our dreams and we couldn't be happier.  

We had no idea that there was this place living right outside our Houston area called Dewberry Farm.  I always thought it was a pumpkin patch kind of place since we were there once many years ago.  It's actually so much more and I'm so happy we finally discovered it.  

Entrance is free and most of the games are too with a few exceptions. The fact that we got a $220 tree kinda made sense that they offered all these games for free. After getting in, we took a tractor hay ride to the tree patch. That's where the fun happened for us. We literally had to find The One. We all had to agree on the tree we were going to buy. If only just one of us wasn't happy with it, we kept looking. In the end we found the chosen one. (Actually I found it first. *wink*) Then it was sawing it off time. The girls got to take turns but not me, I've made an oath never to do such a thing. Then it was riding back and enjoying ourselves in all the games and food. What a fun experience, the girls had a blast! 

My moment came when I got to take photos of my family. I always have a blast creating memories, I mean this is what I do, this is what I am! Any moment is a good moment to have a mini photoshoot. I can't wait to share what I know with so many others. I am literally coming soon! :)

It's never too late to start a new family tradition and this Christmas is one more. I am actually thinking of throwing away my artificial tree just because I've you go real, you never go back.

I want to add a quick disclaimer being that I'm a treehugger and all.  I most definitely will be one for the rest of my life, however, these trees were never planted to live long.  If we didn't cut it, someone else will.  I had to fight my guilty chatter as to whether we should be doing this or not until I finally came to the realization that these trees are planted for this only purpose.  As one field becomes empty, more babies are planted for future generations.  This particular land is never meant to be a forest, this is just what they do.

So there I have it.  Sure, I would love to have this real tree planted in my house somewhere, but until we can find a way to make it sprout roots, there is no way.  I LOVE TREES and to finally have one in my house with all it's amazing beauty is a dream come true.  He is 8 1/2 feet and it is so gorgeous in every way.  I am already in love and there is no turning back.  I'm going to have separation anxiety when I have to part ways with it.   For now, I am in awe. 

How to care: First two days are critical and he should be watered twice a day and then after that daily. Never ever, under any circumstances, allow it to go dry. If it does you will have to cut a couple of inches from the trunk and water again. With proper watering he should remain green all month and beyond. Again, I already wish I could keep him forever! I freakin love trees.