There is so much to be thankful for this year. My family and all the LOVE they give me is all I needed this thanksgiving.  I've gone through some rough moments this past year but there is nothing a warm hug from my mother can't fix.  I am so grateful to have been surrounded by so many amazing women in my life.  We lift each other up, never bring each other down.  

My sister visited us from out of state and my amazing mother from out of town. We were so happy to finally be together again. These are the kind of days we look forward to all year.  We live far apart so we know how precious these moments are.  We don't waste them with unnecessary drama.  When there's always someone trying to suck the joy from my life, I let them.  They don't deserve my time or my attention.  They are not worth it and I only look forward to being around honest and real love.

This is my family. My mother raised some strong and brave girls and one thing we all have in common is that we enjoy each other's company.  We are also pretty good in the kitchen, if I do say so myself.  We all pitched in when dinner was prepared and we were done in no time.  The food was amazing and too bad we were so hungry that not even one picture was taken of the turkey! There's always next time.

So thank you God for everything you have given me.  I know many times I don't feel worth it of it all but you always manage to remind me that I am.  No matter what I have gone through this year, my girls always fill my heart with so much joy and love. I am eternally grateful every single day for their love in my life.  



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