Christmas in Thanksgiving

I think this is the first time I decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I have to confess I did this out of necessity.  I had to find something that would bring the happy back into my life and nothing screams joy quite like holiday lights.  When things seemed so wrong and nothing made sense in my life, I had to dig deep and find a way.  I know happiness is a state of mind but overcoming one of my biggest struggles was not that easy.  Now there is a Christmas tree in every room!

My girls are my strength, they help me overcome my struggles.  I always say this and it actually proved correct once again.  My daughters gave me the hope when everything seems to go out on me.  They give me love when I can't find it in myself anymore.  They give me reassurance that life will go on and there will be a better day up ahead.  

I will rise up again and confident that I will become a better person because of this.  Whatever the struggle may be, just knowing I have my family with me is all I need.  They are my rock and my will and there is nothing that beats that.  2016 has been a sour year for me, well for many others, but I am now hopeful 2017 will be a better time for all of us.  

So here I am, attempting to decorate! Trust me, this is not my area of expertise but I found a way to please the masses... and by that I mean my kids loved it. They are the reason I do this and like they say, "the tackier the better mom".  They are right, they are so right. Apparently this just happens to be my kind of style. :)

... Now I am ready to welcome family traveling in this Thanksgiving.  So, yay for Christmas in Thanksgiving!

P.S. I would like to thank my kittymodels for always striking the right pose for me.


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