America, we got this

I've always had a responsibility to my children that with every breath of mine, I would try to be a good positive influence to them.  That they would see me as someone that uplifts them and inspires them to be whomever they want, so long as it makes them happy.  I always felt deep inside me the fabric of our country was woven with this empowerment of love, respect and support for each other. Then this happens and I have no words.

I always try to teach my daughters that goodness in inherently in our DNA.  That we all want to believe that we are good.  There isn't a shred of doubt of this in my mind.  But for this to actually materialize, we have to actually put our petty differences aside and do what's good for everyone, not just a few.  While there are many issues that don't affect me personally, I know that they do to so many others. It is my duty to always offer my support to them in any way that I can.

So here I am now, struggling to find the words to encourage my daughters, who for the first time felt empowered to fight for something they truly believed in, equality for all.  I am not going to rant, I am merely stating that no matter what has happened, we should not lose hope.  We should not stop fighting for what we believe is right.  We should never stop loving and accepting everyone for who they are.  I am hopeful for our future.  If we stand together, America will find a way.

Our message of love and unity will prevail and I hope it will resonate and provide a bit of support to all those who feel lost right now.  Including myself. We need to have faith in each other and feel hopeful that the best is yet to come.  This is a hurtle, this is a struggle, but together we will overcome this, if not for us, for our children.

AMERICA, WE GOT THIS.  We will always Be Stronger Together!


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