Almost Five

My babygirl is growing up so fast. Just this morning Facebook reminded me how tiny she looked standing in her crib four years ago.  Time is definitely against me and there is no taking back those amazing moments.  If she wasn't my last baby, I may not be so melancholic but she is, so. I am.  

Love this face to the moon and back.  She is almost five years old and I am noticing her little personality begin to shine through.  She is strong willed, bossy, caring, organized, funny and above all loves a good cuddle.  She loves me "piojitoing" her, which means gently scratching or massaging her.  Every night we get into bed, she asks me to gently scratch her head and back to sleep.  She is my little strong princess and I love everything about her.

She is also my little artist in training.  She basically does everything her big sisters do.  I am so in awe at how well she has moved from numbers to counting to adding and letters to words.  At her age she has surpassed her sisters in her learning curve and for the first time I may have her skip kinder. One last thing that she differs slightly from her sisters is her incredible imagination.  I don't remember her other sisters playing pretend as much as her.  She has an amazing imagination and she can role play for hours.  This, I have to say, she gets it from me.  

Can I mention how nearly impossible these photos were to take?  This past year I made a decision to go manual all the way.  And  while it was so difficult in the beginning (I photograph kids and cats and they don't cooperate), I stuck with it.  Here you still find me struggling and even missing the focus point almost entirely.  While I am not happy about these missed opportunities, I am moving forward and learning from every mistake.  I am also in the f1.2 in these shots so my point of focus is almost impossible to get right with a wiggling child, but there's only one way to get them and that's to keep trying.
She moved, she wiggles, she complained and never stayed still but I managed to get a couple of photos I was quite happy with.  My point at this time is that never giving up really does pay off.  I have missed so many opportunities to get incredible shots but I have never given up and continue to improve.  At least I think so and trust we, I am my worst critic.

So here I will continue to be melancholic and continue to enjoy every single moment of their little lives.  I already know they don't last but at least I know it and I don't take it for granted.  They are my love, my happiness and I will continue to treasure them for everything they do for me.

P.S.  These photos were entirely edited on my iPhone. :)


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