Picture Day with a Dab

Picture day was fierce and everything looks better with a dab.  ツ My babygirl is growing up so fast, right before my eyes.  She is becomes such a positive influence in my life that if I thought I was stronger before, I feel like a rock when I'm with her.  

Her happiness is contagious to me.  Her grumpiness is adorable.  She is always pushing forward to being better and making others happy as well.  I realize I am losing my little girl at this point and there is no turning back.  I have decided to enjoy her as much as I can since I've been here before and in a blink of an eye, childhood is over.  

I try my best to be the best influence I can in her life.  I try to teach her to be responsible, a positive influence in others, always tell the truth and to show love with actions not just words.  She seem to be moving on right along these lines because I just basically described everything she stands for.  We also agree that cupcakes makes life better.  

I love my girls!