Happiness is being this girl

I remember when I took this photo, my daughter Marina was so happy to be in daddy's arms while at the same time giving me the look of reassurance that she was still a mommy girl.  

It took her until she was four years old to finally come clean about her secretly being a "daddy girl" and I was just fine with it.  He tried and tried again to make her change her "mommy girl" status but it never worked and I think it's finally happening.  She still knows how important this is to me and she doesn't want to lose her mommy-hood status but she is secretly enjoying the best of both worlds right now.

I am not the jealous kind.  I try to do whatever makes my girls feel happy and secure in their developments and the more people around her that love her, the better.  I am a strong believer that children can never get enough love and that the more people they love the better.  She knows she is loved and this makes me so happy.  She is growing up to be such a amazing little girl in love with being in love.