Summer Travels: California

Here we were at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This place completely came to life as the sun set.  This is why it's called the "Sunset Strip" apparently.  Haha, I had to quickly make this assumption.  It was a rather interesting place to be, not completely recommend it for young kids but I even saw newborn babies there, so I don't know.  I guess, they were first timers like me who didn't know better.

The family got to walk around, take some pictures and buy some souvenirs.  I know this is a unique place for what it is, but I was happy to leave as I just had a creepy feeling about being there.  It is definitely an experience to have but at my age I was just glad it was over. I kept making sure we were all holding on tight to each other's hand and staying as safe as possible. This grandma just wanted to go home.  Oh no, please don't tell me I'm getting old! ;)

I'm not big on city visits.  I mean, I live in one.  I am more excited at visiting nature so obviously I was more excited for next couple of days we were going to spend them at national parks visiting with waterfalls, wild animals and giant trees.  Now that's my kind of place that I neever want to leave!

Yosemite National Park was pretty amazing with just a few important points to make.  It is in trouble.  I can see the drying land all around it and it seems to keep creeping closer and closer to this amazing beauty.  I will continue to remain positive and believe healing will come their way.  I was so very devastated driving through many parts of California and seeing this drying land.  Droughts are devastating in so many ways.  I know this too well and this is why it makes me incredibly sad.  Just a few years ago we experienced a drought and several of my 100 year old trees did not survive it.  This was just a one year drought and we were praying for rain like crazy.  Thank God we have begun to receive more rain but the damage is forever.

California was a bitter sweet visit for me.  Some parts were exciting and full of life such as the areas closer to the beach and the cities, but the outskirts seemed in severe trouble.  There was a horrible smell of manure going into LA as the farmers are trying all they can to fill their crop land with moisture.  Then as you driving into their parks, the forest fires and drying trees are again a reminder of the immense trouble California is in right now.  It is a beautiful state indeed but it seems the desert land may be trying to creep in completely transforming nature.  Water is desperately needed for all the people, land and animals of California so I will keep praying for a miracle.

California is such a beautiful state but nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced next!  Holy Oregon!


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