Family Travels Begins

My favorite time of the year begins visiting my parents for the Summer vacation.  Even before my girls get out of school we are already planned our yearly grandparent visit.  We stay with my parents for a couple of weeks and this allows my girls to spend time with them.  We are so very blessed to have them in our lives and I teach this to my daughter's every day.

I was so lucky to grab this photo of my mother fixing my daughter's skirt.  It's these little things that will forever stay in my memory.

There is no time like beach time!  During our two week vacay, we found our way to the island, South Padre Island that is,  My hometown just happens to be 20 minutes from here so obviously this is a must stop for us.  

Time with family is something I don't take for granted. Ever.  I know how precious these moments are and we get together every time we can.  Here I am with my sisters and I wish somebody would've woke me up from my slumber.

Last but not least, the best family portrait so far.  And yes, I am not proud of my soldier pose. Oh well, that's life. 😬  Time flies when you're having fun and my two weeks went by way too fast.  I loved every single day of it and can't wait for our next family get together.



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