Happy Birthday to Me

It's that most wonderful time of the year.  The day I celebrate getting one year older!  Yay, the magic is intense on this one.  All sarcasm aside, I am actually very grateful for this magical day. Sure one year older but also one year wiser and one year more awesome.
I have learned so much this past year.  I have grown not only physically (ugh), but also spiritually and most importantly mentally.  I have struggled with a tough year and no matter what I have endured.  I am by no means done with it, but I am at least half way there.  Everybody has something they are trying to conquer, something they are trying to beat or surpass or perfect so the struggle never ends. So long as we don't give up trying, we will survive another year and hopefully one that is even better than the last.  I am hopeful and this is all I can be.

I don't know where this new year will take me but I do know I am pretty excited to find out.  I am blessed at where I am and always grateful for everything my God has provided for me.  Nothing is life is easy but as long as you don't give up, nothing is impossible.

Here is to another AWESOME year!  Happy Birthday Me!


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