Into the Woods

Sophia trying out her camping knife
This past month we made a small spring break trip to Alabama to visit family and instead of doing that, we actually went straight into the woods.  We left Houston Saturday morning packed and ready, so we made camp a day after and began enjoying the natural beauty of nature.
waking up to this view
Everywhere I turned I saw this visual.  Trees and more trees.  If there is one thing you should know about me is how much I freakin' LOVE trees and being among them is like heaven to me.  Their amazing soul fills me with so much peace and they allow me to regenerate mine. This is the kind of place that my dreams are made of since living in the city is like ugh.
i spot a little bird
Another favorite part of our camping trip was that my girls got to explore and see some pretty amazing things all around us.  Camila had her binoculars trying to spot all different kinds of birds and I was just enjoying capturing her beautiful self.
making memories of the little things
If somebody was more in heaven than me, had to be him.  This is a place that is so incredibly near and dear to him that purchasing a piece of this land has meant the world to him.  He has many dreams that I can only pray come true for him because he deserves living this life everyday more than anyone else I know.  We hope we can make many more special memories in this beautiful place.
feeling good after a nap
Oh and let's not forget Marina!  She could not believe what we were doing here.  This was her first time, that she remembered, of us as a family camping in the outdoors.  We were pretty excited and happy to have given her this very special memory.  While she might not remember this as she gets older, we plan on taking her on many more trips just like this.  And this is exactly why I try to photograph these special moments for them, so that if their memories should fade, these photos will be their reminder of how much their parents loved them and loved making special moments for them.

Here's to having many more of these amazing memories!
Sincerely, Lorena.


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