The surprise of a lifetime

The day we all secretly dream of is a surprise birthday party.  But not for my mother.  She was turning 70 and the day she probably dreaded the most was finally coming to her.  She knew her daughters were putting together a small dinner for her but little did she know we had so much more secretly planned for her.  
This day and so much more was so well deserved.  Our mother has been nothing short of an amazing mother to us.  She has cared for us in every way imaginable.  She has made sure we are provided for and has taught us how to be resilient women in life.  Never having learned to drive, nothing has ever stopped her from getting where she needed or wanted to go which even includes visiting us 300 miles away.  She has been such an inspiration to me that I often think I could never come close to following in her shoes. 
Think of any struggle in life, any, and she's probably been through that.  She has taught me that struggle is synonymous with life.  Unfortunately.  But this is something I look at with pride and I never ever want to forget what the real meaning of a happy life truly is.  Family.  
Happiness is not wealth or material things.  Happiness is not a new car or new house.  Happiness is not even that perfect husband many women search endlessly for.  Happiness is being good to yourself and those around you.  My mom has struggled so much in life but even when life is hard, it doesn't have to be unhappy. 
Making this day for her the happiest it could be was not going to be easy but we were definitely going to try.  My mother is very shy and humble and the last thing she likes to be is the center of attention or us spending money on her, and this day definitely had both.  We knew she would be mad at us for a bit but but that's what her sisters were going to be there for to defend us.  And they did.  She forgave us when she realized how deep our love for her is and that seeing her face happy and smiling was all the reward we wanted.  Her happiness is our happiness and we wouldn't have it any other way.  That's the secret to life.  
Her face of surprise, her tears of joy and the constant smile on her face was all that my sisters and I could have ever asked for.  Every day we thank God for giving us such a loving, caring and hard working mother.  I can only wish I could be like her one day. 
Happy birthday mom. (mamich)  You are so truly LOVED. 


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