I hate thieves

There's nothing more frustrating than being robbed. The uncertainty and the furious rage that they got away with my hard earned things can seriously ruin me for days. They not only take your things, they take your peace.  I try not to think of it and find a positive aspect of the whole situation. It's hard in the beginning but then I just learn to live with it. The experience not only makes me stronger but smarter. I can cry and kick all I want and it's not gonna change anything.

Staying positive and finding console in knowing thieves are pretty much everywhere and will test everything. All it takes is the perfect opportunity and they will not think twice about taking out. This is the only thing I can do: learn and plan for the worse because it's when you put your guard down that the worse happens. 

A family lunch going out to eat ended us having my husband's truck window being busted and items stolen from the truck. Just like that. The man is seen on surveillance video but not much can be made other than its a white car. Good luck with that right? Store surveillance videos are pretty useless. 

What I learned: Park as close to the front as possible. Don't leave anything inside your car of value (specially in sight) and always turn on your car alarm. I say this because my husband's truck actually required the alarm button to be pressed twice for the alarm to be activated.  Twice!  He didn't know this and we paid the price.  One press for the doors to lock, a second press for the alarm to be set on.  So now we know.  Pretty simple things but that's about all you can do. When a freakin thief wants in your car, they'll find a way.  

And afterwards, call the police and report your items stolen with the serial numbers and insurance claim to make repairs. All in all, a simple break in the window will cost you at least $500 (deductible) but for us a total of $2,000 to be back where we were before. The cost of an iPad and iPhones and repairs add up quick. 

Overall, never think this kind of thing won't happen to you.  We never did.  We've had things stolen before but when we look in hindsight, we always find areas where we were careless.  Prepare for worse and always be prepared for the just in case.  Valuables should never be left in your car, never.  Just a fast break of the window and your stuff is gone, just like that.

Oh well, live and learn.  Hello 2016. What a way to start the year.