So much love to go around

Growing up surrounded by animals was nothing short of bliss, so naturally I always wanted to give my children a childhood similar to mine. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but I always hoped it would happen one day.  It wasn't until my first daughter turned four that we bought our ranch.  It became a dream come true and we immediately got every animals we could find.  At times we had way too many.
Nacho getting kisses from the girls. He's a chick magnet.
Fast forward to many years later and we have added two more girls to the Frith Clan and each one of them has been just as crazy about animals as the next.  A love for all living things is something we very much have in common and I feel so completely blessed that I get to share this with my girls.
Getting a kiss from Shilo
Here I am getting a sneaky kiss from Shilo.  She's been my friend since she was a baby.  I can still remember the day like it was yesterday. The day I called her my own. She stole my heart since day one and every time she seems me she is always so incredibly sweet to me.  I know we have a bond and I love her so much.  These are memories I will treasure forever.

I've always been an animals lover and if I remember correctly my very first post here was the day I found out all my chicken had been killed by a stray dog.  I was devastated on that day and I didn't want to start my blog that way, but it was what it was.  I still miss my original herd of chickens. They knew my call, they knew me, and I knew every one of them.