Happy Thanksgiving

With family, it's pure bliss.  There's nothing like it out there and there's no better way to spend THANKSGIVING DAY than with family.  We traveled 300 miles to be with my family in my home town of Brownsville and everything went just as planned, including the almost burned turkey of course. The house was almost on fire, but it just couldn't get any better! :)

We wait longingly for this day for months, planning, traveling, prepping and then in a blink of an eye it's over. I am so completely thankful for these special moments that will last a lifetime.  I like to spend thanksgiving with family, and the more the merrier. This is why I travel home to be with them.  I learned this the hard way a few years ago.  I used to cook and stay home during the holidays until I learned that through it all I still felt sad.  The food was good and everything but something was still missing, my family.  I made a decision then and there from then on to spend this time with family.  This has cured my sadness problem.  Everything is better with family, otherwise, what is the point of it? 

I want to thank my sister for this delicious meal and hosting such a beautiful time. Everything was so delicious even without meat of any kind for me. I never thought I would be this strong but it's not as as difficult as I thought anymore. There were plenty of other foods and I enjoyed every one of them. After dinner we got together and went to the movie to watch the last The Hunger Games.  We waited a whole year for this movie so we were ready for it.  Personally I wasn't thrilled with the movie's ending but it'll do.  It was definitely a perfect ending to a wonderful day of giving thanks.