Thankful for life

I have so much to be thankful for, but this is a start.

  1. My family. This is the most meaningful, I can't live without, one. Without my family I don't think I would wan to live in this world. We can be different in so many ways but so very similar when we have ourselves in common.

    As I have grown up and made my own family, things took a turn in my life. I created a new family with little people that very much depended on me. I have to look into myself to try to find ways to keep us together, to bond and to stay relevant in our lives. I never want this to end. I see this happening with so many families now a days but but I don't want it to happen with mine. Every year I try to bring my family together even if it's just for these special moments.

    At this time I find myself in my home town staying with my parents making plans for Thanksgiving. It's a tradition and I know that with family everything tastes better, everything smells better because everything is better. Small little moments in so many ordinary ways are the reason I am so very thankful for.
  2. Love. This is the big one. I could go on and on about this but really there are only two kinds of love to be thankful for. Love for others and love for ourselves. The ladder is kind of a tricky one and believe you me, it's the one we all need more of sometimes. Ok, a lot more.

    We know love is beautiful and gives you butterflies when you find it. Family, friends and significant others. We don't even ask for it, it's just there. It just happens, it's magical. At least for some anyways. The one that took me a while to find and realize and the was that I was missing was love for myself.

    To care for myself happened quite later in life, one kind of love I am grateful I am beginning to discover. As a child I loved my parents and siblings, then as marriage happened I loved my husband and then I loved my children. Every one a different kind of love and all beautiful in their own way. At this point I realized something was missing. When all the dust settles, and when everyone goes their way, you are all you have. You have to learn to love being with yourself every day and make the best of it no matter what. You can change who you are with or what you look like, but you can't change who you are. Embrace that. I am grateful I am learning to be that person, one day, one moment at a time. To love myself.
  3. Health. This has become my new mission. No diets, no starvations, just plain health. Nutrition if you will. I am not getting younger, my body is not getting healthier unless I do something about it. This, just like everything worthwhile, is a struggle. A struggle and a pain sometimes that I know I will pay dividends when it will truly matter, my older age. I don't want to be that person with a hundred pills to take every day, I don't want to need a walker to get around. I would like to be active and happy to go places.
  4. Health is not just about being alive, it's about being able to enjoy life. Feeling sick is one way to do that, but there is an even better one that can only be achieved when you feel great. I am hoping I continue to find the path to better health even if it's just a small bit at a time. Vegetarian for a month is transforming my life and touching those around me as well. At first they question my decision, then after I do a quick explanation, they respect it. If I can only make a small change in their lives, enlighten them a bit, I will have succeeded.

    The places I've seen. Oh my goodness, I have gone to see more places the past two years than I have ever been my whole entire life! This became a choice, nothing more. and I am very grateful for it. The memories we've made in such short time are priceless. I know I will never forget them, and I know my children won't either. At the end of this life, memories is all we will ever have.
5. Honorable Mention: My husband. There is so much beauty out there, I wish I could live and experience it every day. I can't, unfortunately, but I have gotten a taste of it. I am grateful my husband is a lover of adventures and became our guide in this beautiful time in our lives. I know for a fact, none of this would never be possible without him. I owe so much to him for so much, I know it would be a whole other world for me if he wasn't in mine. And theirs.

Health, love and family. They are the trio that makes my world go round. I am ever so thankful and grateful God has given me the most beautiful things in life. Not even in a million life times I could ever repay it.



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