Marina Mini-Milestone Photoshoot

 Not a day goes by that I don't watch her in awe at how much she has grown.  My "last baby" is quickly becoming my "last daughter."  No more baby talking, even though I'm guilty of it almost every single day.  I can't help myself, I won't be able to do this until I get a grand child some where along the road.  I'm hoping is way, way later down the road.  My babies still have a lifetime of growing up to do before that and this is the part that I get to love and enjoy every single day. 
So like I always do in her "milestones" and I pulled out the camera. Ok, I pull out my camera almost every single day, but this day was "special."  These moments might seem not that important right now, but trust me when I tell you, but when they are teenagers, you will wish with all your might they were this age again.  I am currently experiencing this feeling of longing with two of my daughters.  I look back at photos from just last year and I am already in tears.  "Waah, where did my babies go?!"  

 Even though I'm those kind of mothers who think their babies could never possibly come out with a flaw in photos, I am very happy with this mini-milestone photoshoot. She is now 3 years 1/2 and she is almost impossible to have anything more than a "mini" photoshoot of her.  She was compliant for I don't know, maybe 5-10 minutes tops, but I was so thrilled that I got photos I am completely in love with!  I mean, I could I not?  She's wearing a pink princess dress!
Marina is IN LOVE with princesses dresses.  You know, they say little girls become brain washed by watching too many princesses movies or whatever, but this isn't true! They can say anything they want but she watches mostly learning programs and Go Diego Go, so this love for pink princess dresses is just an inborn trait.  I guess you can say, she's just born to be a princess, she loves feeling like a princess and I am completely fine with that. :)

She is SIMPLY Adorable and I am SIMPLY, in LOVE.


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