Spring Break with Nature

No ocean, no problem. We did the next best thing and that's a week with family and in nature. Gotta love it! It was a bit rainy but we made it happen.
Family travel time is our favorite time and when my kids have days off from school, we try to hit the roads. I had just days to plan this next trip returning from visiting my family in Bville and now it was time to head to Alabama. 
After staying with Gary's mom, it was time to visit granddaddy.  One of our favorite places to go eat at is where they have one of the best bacon cheeseburgers ever... Visiting the JD store with free WiFi. After being away from it for so long, we just had to soak it in and didn't want to leave! ☺
We got to visit the historic Selma, Alabama. Little did I know my father in law was actually born and raised in this town and had many family members here. He became or tour guide and I gotta say, he was the best.
There was so much to see but to me these little moments mean so much more. Marina sitting with her granddaddy Larry. A simply beautiful memory that she may not remember but I sure won't forget.
We also spent allot of time in Manila, Alabama. The place where Gary's heart and soul belongs. This place is beautiful and you feel a peace unlike anything else. We truly enjoyed staying there in a 100 year old camp house. I have to say, worst night sleep ever but nature filed it with beauty, gotta love it. 
So this was a quick summary of our Alabama family trip... It wasn't long but it was truly enjoyed. It's always sad to say goodbye but we plan on visiting them again soon. Thank you God for allowing us these amazing moments.

Now I look forward to my next roadie!!!☺