Charro Days, family and pineapples

The The fun begins when I arrive. One of my favorite things to do in the world is to visit my family. As it turned out this weekend was Charro Days here and it meant fun was to be had. Only thing I was wrong! There was cold rain in the forecast and it was fierce. Two things kept me from going... One was the cold rain aforementioned and the other was this freakishly sickness I've been having lately. This little thing where I lost my voice!
Why I got sick right before my well planned family trip is beyond me, but I still made the trip. Charro Day-less with no parade and no Sombrero Fest and definitely no Frijolimpics!!! Oh the sadness. Life is just not fair with me sometimes. 
So then we did the next best thing we (family) do best... Eat yummy food (fajitas) and stay warm indoors. I wasn't afraid of the cold... I mean it was only 59° but it was raining and I was losing my voice by the minute and there was only so much robbitusin I could take! I had to face the fact that we weren't going anywhere but our alternative became so amazing nonetheless. That's how we make memories. With family.
My sister Sandra was so nice to let my daughter have this gorgeous dress. It immediately became her favorite dress and who knows when she's gonna take it off now. Who can blame her, she looks so beautiful and I can't stop looking at her either. She most definitely will be wearing it on Cinco De Mayo. 
Even though some plans didn't go as planned on this trip, we managed to make the best of it. Sometimes this happens and we have to adapt. No big deal. I actually ended up having so much more fun this way. I got to be with my parents, my family and eat and make memories with them too, all at the same time. Thank you for God blessing us this Charro Days trip.
Oh and here's the pineapple of my dreams. It does exist! ☺

Now if I can just get my voice back. That'd be swell...