Happy 7th Birthday Camila

Her day went pretty much this way... fun packed from the beginning.  We went to eat at Red Lobster and then to jump around at Monkey Joe's, eat frozen yogurt, race cart racing and finally shopping.  It was a little bit of everything but it always seems like it wasn't enough.  The day went by way too fast.

Happy 7 Birthday Camila!☺ from Lorena Frith on Vimeo.

The most important thing is that she had a great time.  At the end of the day she was tired and she was happy and she felt loved. That's all that matters to me.  Camila is my sentimental baby.  She is in love with being in love and I probably would've seen it in her face if I had let her down.  I don't think we did and this makes me absolutely happy as well.

2/4/2015 -Camila's Day from Lorena Frith on Vimeo.

I tend to make one party a year... and this year will be Camila's year.  I like to time it to when it's most convenient for friends and family to be able to make it.  Hopefully it will be a great time. :)

Happy birthday Camila Lucia... my second baby who came into our world to complete our little family.  I thank God every day of my life for hers.  She has a heart of gold and always tries to make everyone feels special.  Not a day goes by that she doesn't draw something for us, or makes something out of nothing.  Just to see us happy. Just to make us feel special.  Well this was HER day and this will be HER year.  I can't wait to make her birthday party to once again celebrate her life and how much she means to us.

I Love You babygirl! :)


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