New Year. Improved Me

I wish I could start my year with this revolutionary way of remaking my life. A do-over. A new me.  Wow, that would be awesome!  Only I don't want it.  I don’t want a new me, I want the same me improved.  I want my new year to be like last year only better by improving on a few things here and there.  I want to see a continuation of what I have already accomplished last year.  After all, it took a lot of work to get here.

ME, to be continued...
This is how I want to continue into 2015.  I want to feel like my life is a lifestyle and not a complete and utter waste of time.  I don’t want to wipe my life clean and start over, that would be a lot of work.  I have worked too hard to get where I am right now to want to start over.  No way, no how.  This is why New Year, New Me has never really settled right with me.  Don’t want a new you, strive for an improved you.  Every year product manufacturers come up with an improved version of their product, why don’t we?

There is an easier way to a better life by improving on many small areas. Small areas we didn’t even know we had neglected. I find myself beat, exhausted with migraines at the end of the day. Why? What am I doing so wrong?  Maybe everything! By improving on several areas of my life I will eventually find the trigger point giving me the most trouble.  I can see right now many areas in my life are being neglected and there are so many, how can I make this work?  Easy, take one small change at a time. 

My Life Triangle:  Balance or Bust.  Follow along with me this year as I make many small but very important improvements in my life.  No change is permanent the first or second time you do it.  A lifestyle is a permanent change that although you can skip here and there, the important thing is to always get back on track.  Try and try again but never give up.  Nobody wants the old version of anything.  “Old and Unimproved” is completely out of the question here.  

BEHOLD my awesome graphics!!! My life it's all out of whack.

Personal Life:
This is where it gets tricky because there is so much room for improvement.  Me? Sometimes I hardly see much of me let alone tend to me, so this is definitely an area where I find some improvement. Ok, maybe a lot.  The healthy ME needs improvement (tell that to the apple pie I’m eating right now), the fun ME needs crazy improvements (migraines anyone?) and finally the organized ME needs improvement through the roof! Just to name a few.  I know, I am a procrastinator and seriously have too much junk going on in my head sometimes, but most importantly am I happy?  Am I?  I don’t know if I am going the path I should be going.  I have some serious issues here and unless I start directing myself better, I will never improve on the things that follow.  If I am miserable, everything is for nothing.

Find a way to be a better ME so I can be better to others.  Most of the improvements I will be making are here.  If I don’t fix myself, I cannot help others.  Plain and simple.  Neglecting my body and mind is not a good way to start.  Again this is a lifestyle and although some things may not be for you, many things will be. We are all human and we all pretty much have the same needs. I will be finding out the things that work and the things that don’t.

Family Life:
Believe it or not, sometimes I feel like I do too much in this area.  A small modification would be to not take everything too serious but allow things to flow in the direction where they want to go.  I can’t control everything and everyone and somethings should not be controlled at all.  Let it go, is what I need to learn to do.  Thanks Frozen.

This part of my life demands so much from me because it’s the most important part of my life.  This is where it all comes together or where everything crumbles.  They depend on me and I depend on them.  If they’re happy, I am happy and if I am happy they are happy, right?  Not always.  I feel like it’s my fault if they are not so I try harder and harder until I feel like a complete failure.  I need to learn to let everyone do their thang, learn from their own mistakes, make their own choices, fix their own dilemmas.  I can’t fix everything and everyone and I should not even try.  Parenting is not easy and after twelve years of trying I am still learning that what I know is never enough. 

Business Life:
A lot more work is needed here as well.  I do a lot already but it’s never enough. Never. Being self-employed requires a whole set of guts that sometimes I doubt I even posses anymore.  Did we start something that we cannot finish?  After going this far into it, can we quit?  Is this even the business that makes me/us happy?  Is it just about the money or really about helping others? What areas of business do I need to improve, start or do without?  Wooh, there is just so much going on in this part of the triangle.  Business life is hard but as long as I enjoy what I do, it’s all worth it. In theory it should be. If I want it bigger, better and more satisfying I need to work harder.  That almost sounded dirty.

My triangle of life is a bit rusty right now and most of the time they don’t balance out.  I am usually too focused on family and not enough on personal or business leaves zero time left for real quality family time. And around it goes.  My triangle is a messy mess sometimes but it’s what keeps me going.  I have to inspect every single part of it if I want to live a happy and more satisfying life. Or just simply live!  Stress kills you know. I need to find this balance point if I want to make it to the end of 2015 and beyond.
Ahhh much better.  This is where I want to be with my many small improvements. :)

Productivity in all areas at all times most of the time is not possible.  But that’s alright.  I need to learn that and tattoo it on my forehead and never forget it.  It’s very important to try and try again but it’s also important to let go. Do your best but remember there is no such thing as perfection. No biggie, it’s just life and you can always try something new next year.

Here’s to a making small but very important improvements towards a better YOU! I am excited because these migraines are kicking my butt.  The most important thing to remember here is to be YOU.  The real you.  Being happy with who I am is my best way to start.  Have fun, take care of your body and it will take care of you. Follow along with the label ImproveME. 

Hello 2015! We got a lot of work to do. :)


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