Kindle Unlimited is the Best Deal For Me

My love for books has been an ongoing one.  I was an avid and constant reader until I had kids and then spare time went out the window.  With no time and no peace and quiet, reading sort of became an impossibility.  I would hide in a quiet room with a book like a chubby kid would to eat a doughnut.  And I often had a doughnut too.  No matter, I had to get my fix.  Only to go months without finding time again.  My book shelf began to appear farther and farther away like it was getting sucked into a dark whole.  I resigned and waved my books goodbye.

Then I got a Kindle and it Rescued Me.
I got a kindle reader last month and I have not put it down since.  It hangs around me like my iPhone does, never more than a a food away and always within reach.   Reading has became fun again, reading has became, well, easy.  I find myself opening my kindle instead of opening my iPhone to read Facebook and I am actually getting something worthwhile from it.  My reading speed and comprehension started crusty but it's quickly becoming to speed up.  I vow that I will one day reach my speed reading level I had while in college.  But hey, baby steps.

Hello Kindle Unlimited. 
So I got a kindle and naturally the next step was to get a book or two.  Then two books became four, and four became 10 and then I had bought more books than I knew what to do with.  I have became sort of a binge reader and even though Amazon has some amazing deals on books every day through the Kindle Daily Deal, I was still raking up some serious dollars and that's never a good thing. You can find great books here for $1.99 or $2.99 but still there had to be an easier way.

With Amazon Kindle Unlimited you can read "unlimited" books a month for $9.99. I easily went through $10 in 1-2 books. Then I found out that while the title says "unlimited", it really isn't.  There is actually a 10 book limit... wow, how's that for "unlimited", but I guess nothing really is.  If you want to have more than 10 books, you just have to first return one. So if you really really love a book and want to keep it forever and ever, you can always just buy it. The premise here is that you read a book, return it and read another book and return it... do that repeatedly without a limit.

Kindle Unlimited is different from Amazon Prime in that it only allows you to check out one book at a time for free but it's only one book per month.  So if you read your book in three days, you're screwed, you can't check another one out until next month.  No way! Who has time to wait that long? I tried the Prime thing and after three days I began to itch and scratch like a withdrawing crackhead. I want my books and I want them now!  Not that I would know what crack withdrawal is like.

Personally Kindle Unlimited (ahem) is a great deal for me.  I can keep my reading binge going while keeping my book hoarding to a minimum. I hardly ever read the same book twice anyways. So while they may not have recently released books in that department,  you can always choose from over 800,000 titles at this time and more are always being added.  Books from Biographies, Children's, Technology, Fitness, Politics, Religion, Photography, Cookbooks, History, Parenting and more.  There is plenty to go around and there is always something for everyone on anything but you'll probably still buy a book or two here and there. :)

So no more book withdrawal for me and not more wasting money on book after book.  If you just want to read good books and you are insatiable in that department, then Kindle Unlimited is for you too!  All you need is a Kindle or the free Kindle app for your phone or tablet.  See, anyone can do it!

Bookworms, is Kindle Unlimited a good choice for you? :)


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