RIP Oliver

I still can't believe he's gone out of my life.  Even though I have six cats, ask anyone in my family which one was "my" cat, they would say it was Oliver.  I say this with tears in my eyes because they were so right.  He was always, always by my side.  No matter where I would sit down, he would come follow me or find me and jump on my lap and begin a purr storm.  He could purr for ever and ever and just fall asleep cuddled with me.
I love all my kitty babies, but Oliver always found a way to be with me and I miss his company so much.  I have so many memories of him and all the ways he showed me he loved me.  Loosing a furbaby is very easy and it's been a long time since I've gone through a pain like this.  I have five kitties now who I adore and I know love me, but Oliver's love was so unique.  Each one has their own personality that is uniquely their own and Oliver was my own little fur ball of pure love.  He was never unkind or mean to anyone and it breaks my heart he was attacked by a vicious animal.

I find consolation knowing that I gave him all the love I could possibly give and even though I miss his loving purr, fluffy furry body, adorable face, company and loving sweet voice, I have so many amazing memories to remember him by.  This year has not been nice to me so far.  I feel I have aged a hundred years in just a few months and looking forward to a better time.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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