Antibiotics: Handle with Care

November 16-22 is World Antibiotic Awareness Week.  A campaign to help raise awareness that antibiotics should be used only to treat bacterial infections and be prescribed by a certified health professional. Antibiotics should never be saved for a future illness and the whole entire length of treatments should be completed, otherwise resistance will occur.
World Antibiotics Awareness WeekAntibiotic resistance occurs when the bacteria no longer responds to the antibiotics and then causes a worse illness in the future by a "superbug".  Growing up in Mexico, where antibiotics were sold in every corner, has allowed me to see first hand the dangers of antibiotic resistance.  When our body is no longer helped by the antibiotics, a life of illness ensues.  Antibiotic bacterial resistance along with a destroyed microbiome due to taking too many antibiotics as a child prompted me to want to take part in this campaign and do what I can to raise awareness.  

We can always do a bit more when it comes to antibiotics.  We must allow them to save lives rather than allowing them to spawn these superbugs that we will not be able to defend against.  We need to always take them as prescribed and never ever self prescribe. Although once considered a wonder drug that could cure all, we are now finding out there are dangers associated with this medicine and should be taken cautiously. Antibiotic resistance spawns "superbugs" being completely unaffected by antibiotics so they should always be handled with care. I hope I'm able to help even if just a tiny bit. World Antibiotic Awareness Week

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas