Dear Creative Thieves

I've been taking a break from writing.  A loong break from a loot of things. Up until something happened to me that sparked my fury.  That sounds angry. And good. But this something was so down right blatant pitiful that I just can't lie how much it pissed me off. In a world where family should be your safe place, suddenly becomes a battlefield, now I feel I need to express myself. I guess It's what you call the FAIR thing to do.  

Out of the few things I hold dear with my creative life are the struggles that I go through when I produce something I'm proud of. These struggles are real. They take a toll. They take up my life. They keep me up at night tossing and turning and thinking and thinking some more. Visualizing, imagining, creating, curating and then producing. Then someone, a close someone, comes along with their COPY & PASTE happy fingers and just steals your creative work away as if nothing. Nothing!   

Ok. Ok. No foul no harm right?  I breath in and out and go on with my life.  No big deal, I think to myself. I will move on and just learn a lesson or two.  But then the unthinkable happens, they pretend the work was their own? This now becomes a whole other level of crap.  At this point they decide since I said nothing in the beginning, they move to phase two.  Yes, there is a phase two! I like to call this phase, the FLAUNT IT & BRAG IT phase.  As if the heavens just parted and a whole slew of creative ideas and work and knowledge and business model that took years to build just suddenly fell from the sky!  That must be one giving heaven, I must say.  Very generous indeed. But then, am I that big of an idiot?

Don't answer that.  I know my work when I see it.  I know it because I visualized it, I breathed it, I gave shape and life to it! Then, I think at this point something in my head won't let me move on, I begin to feel that something needs to be said. I mean, something should be said, right? Maybe? Should I? But nothing is. Only silence. And their bragging continues. 

See, this person is "family". Family! The place where everything is harmony and love and a third thing.

You just can't go there with family. You just can't.  Well, not that this ever stopped them from stealing, but I can't go there.  He's family, I keep telling myself as if that appeased my mind, It's the right thing to do.  I should just behave and be good and look away. This family has problems and I need to be considerate of their ways. It's what they do, it's how they do things. Who am I to intervene?

But then my mind can't look away because are they rubbing it in?!  Yes they are.  And this is the part that just did it for me.  I guess you can say I just don't take too kindly to feeling ripped off. To feeling done wrong on my face so savagely... it's just something I don't enjoy. I don't. I'm sorry. It's just a flaw of mine. I know, maybe I should. But I don't, so suck it!

Is it pay back time yet?  
You know the feeling right?  That moment you realize you have to do something.  Deep down it feels wrong. You're supposed to be the better person, Lorena!  I keep telling myself.  But am I supposed to let other people take advantage of me?  Am I?  Am I to let assholes do their assholy things to me and I don't say a damn word? IN WHAT WORLD IS THAT RIGHT? 

See, they had his chance to fix the mistakes. They had time to think about what they did wrong. To realize using people is wrong. But nothing. Instead of correcting their mistakes, they begin to flaunt it! To BRAG about it?!  "Here's MY thing everyone! I thought of it all on my own"  Then, the applause happen. The "GENIUS MAN, YOU'RE A GENIUS!"  comments.  And I'm sitting there thinking… Well, strangulation thoughts, I guess.  

I guess you can say I'm on my own on this one. Even though my partner has been pretty useless when it comes to speaking up on this matter, I can't be anymore. His hands are tied because it's his family.  Not my family, HIS family. And there lies the problem. If it had been my family perhaps it would have been dealt with appropriately and diligently. But as of now, NOTHING has come out of his mouth.  Blah, I don't need to hear it anyways. 

So the point here is, I'm going to explode if I don't let it out. The thieving assholes. They are out there. Brimming with self righteousness, skimming your work and copy and pasting.  I think I will be done when I spill the truth. I'm gonna feel better when I expose them for the filthy stealing pigs they are.

And this is what got me back to writing.  Aww, so nice right.  I guess I needing a push, a shove and a kick in the right direction.  When you work so hard on something and then someone steals your creative ideas, pretends it's their own and then brags about it is the moment a fire is set.  Yep, that's what this post is about.  

My fire has been ignited. My fury has been fueled. Now tend to the consequences asshole because now I don't give a damn. I know who I am. I know my worth. I know what I know and how I do it.  It's time to pull out the claws. I have a tank, you have nothing. I am the original, you are a copy cat.

It's tire to fire some relatives cause baby now we got Bad Blood.  Haha, Thanks TS for that.  I needed it this morning. So now I move on.  A bit wiser and a bit more distrusting.  I don't like to ask for things but I definitely don't take kindly when someone takes from me.  My work is my work.  To a creative, it's all we ever do, ever want to do, enjoy and treasure.  Don't be that person that takes what doesn't belong to you.  Before I work on an idea, I make sure it's not been done before and if it has, because quite frankly it's all been done before, then change it and make it different, make it your own.  Add your style, your tweak, your personality in to it. Then you can brag about it all you want.  In my case, bragging is not my style, so I don't.  

Man, it really is a dog-eat-dog world out there. 

Pissed off with creative thieves.

My bitchy rant about creative thieves

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas