Hello Apple Watch

So this is a two part series. Part One is the before my Apple Watch and Part Two is after. This is so that I will be totally unbiased afterwards and give a true account as to whether or not I truly needed it.

Part One: 
My sad and lonely wrist is Apple Watch-less. I'm into fitness and so far I've managed to make ends meet by using other means. For example, I run and I have to wear my huge iPhone 6+ on my hip. I can't even wear out on my arm it's so big.  Not a biggie I found this ultra cool fanny pack like bag I wear on my hip. I call it my Kangaroo pouch, but really it's a running belt. I got it at Amazon, check it out here, you will love it!
My Gear Beast waist belt has been my partner in crime in keeping up with tracking my fitness. I can't possibly think of being able to do it any other way. I usually wear it all day just to get an accurate reading of how active I was that day. It helps with counting calories too since I know how many calories I burned with my daily walking and exercise. 

Overall I am not completely thrilled with my way of tracking my fitness this way. Wearing it under a coat wasn't so bad but now that the hot weather is coming I don't see how I can keep wearing it. Maybe on a long hike it would still work. I can't say I haven't managed to find a way and continue to but all I know is that my fitness tracking is limited to only when I wear my phone around my waist. I know I'm much more active than what my phone tells me but I have no other way of knowing.

A cheaper alternative would be to buy a fitness band, many are sold for around $100 bucks, why not go that route? Because! There's an even better way and I can't wait to try it out. I dream of the day I get it and of how it will be able to make my life better and compete... Or not. We'll see... 

Part Two. To be continued...

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas