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My baby can read! I remember those commercials and they drove me insane.  Well, my baby can coo and babble! I would scream at the tv completely annoyed. How can babies read? I thought it was impossible.  While I do believe those infomercials were completely exaggerated, I have found some cool apps that have greatly increased my baby’s brain potential.  Not only they are fun, (even I play with them) but they get their little brain gears going.

My two year old can count and read many letters!  Although I wish I could take all the credit, I can’t.  These learning apps have been her little helper in making learning fun.  I can’t recommend these apps enough.  My youngest daughter is 2 years old and can count to 10, she recognizes many letters and can write them down and she loves the learning.  I am impressed when I see her recognize letters on the TV, on signs and when we are out on the street.  Even her pediatrician was impressed to see her spell whole words right in front of her!
  1. Endless Alphabet.  And just like the name implies, this really is a complete learning app with endless possibilities.  While it doesn’t teach the handwriting of words, (just drag and drop) it does have hundred of words to play with and it’s very fun.  Each letter makes it’s corresponding phonic sounds when it’s being dragged around, creating an association with the letter name.  It also helps with creating sentences and with speech.  My little girl repeats the word name and sounds as she plays along. The little monsters create a finished sentence at the end which usually has my little one cracking up. There are three levels of words at this point, with more levels being added.  It can get pricey but at the end it’s an investment that you can’t get anywhere else. Phonics, letters, words and sentences but no hand writing.  These app makers also have Endless Numbers and Endlesss Reader with Reader being my least favorite.  
  2. First Words Pro.  Your child can arrange the letters of many words.  There is a free version of this app to try but I got the Pro or paid version. There are many words to choose from animals, home, clothes, colors, feelings, foods, numbers and shapes.  This is a very easy app to learn for the little ones.  My daughter started using this when she was just one year old and picked it up right away.  It’s amazing how much they can learn to do. 
  3. Write My Name. This app teaches kids not only to learn words spelling and practice their handwriting on the words they give you but you can also add your own words.  You can add their name or last name or family members names. Basically any word you want your little one to learn to write. I used this app and added all the frequency words my kindergartener needed to know how to read and write. This is very helpful in practicing their hand writing coordination as well.
You can find all those apps in the App Store.  These are great for learning and have passed the test of time since many apps just come and go.  Not these.  I would also like to share the “fun apps” that my kiddos can’t live without and TocaBoca comes to mind.  At this time they have Hair Salon 2 and Toca Kitchen 2.  These are great at developing their imagination and playing with common household things without touching the real things.

Are there any cool apps you recommend? :)

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