SEC Championship 2014

Alabama Vs. Missouri.

SEC Championship between the East and West is on and this brought No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 16 Missouri face to face in what we figured would be a slam dunk for #Bama. The thing about most games is that you never know.  Never. 

Half time was 21 to 3 but they were both just getting started.  It is now the end of 3rd Quarter and the gap has close up a bit to 21-13.  That’s just an 8 point game and at this point #Bama fans are starting to bite their finger nails.

Ok, I’m talking about me here. I am more than biting my nails. Things are getting a bit complicated now but the last quarter is when magic happens.  At least if you’re an #Alabama fan, you know this is the quarter not to miss and when prayers are answered.

How will it end, we have no idea but we have seen the great fall many times so we can only hope Bama tightens their big boy pants and begins to kicks butt!

This is a big game, Alabama has everything to lose.  I’m not sure that if they lose it means they lose their chance in the Playoffs but I’m sure it will not help.  They have a lot harder teams ahead of them, so if this is an indication of their exhaustion, I fear things might take an ugly turn for them.  

And the verdict is in… the TIDE rolled again!  It was more of a Tsunami if you ask me.  Alabama beats Missouri 42-13!  That’s what I’m talking about.  I’m one happy girl now. :)  ROOOOOOLLLL TIDE!!!! 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas