Santa Tracker is Back

Its that time of the year again… Santa is coming! There is no better way than to stalk him until he gets to your chimney than with Google’s Santa Tracker. Every year this has become my girl’s favorite online app to countdown the minutes until he gets to our house.
Santa Tracker on Google
I know many people don’t like to bring Santa into their homes, but I can tell you by personal opinion that there is absolutely nothing else that brings a child’s spirit quite like him.  I know what Christmas is all about, I’m an adult, but my girls are not and they are only interested in where Santa is going next.  I will continue to invite Santa into our homes every year for as long as my girls want to.

Visiting Santa Tracker is fun even for adults. Every day you get to unlock one of these different games… They're not like amazing but I really enjoyed playing the last two.
I am glad Google is back with Santa.  This is one page I bookmark I will be visiting daily because you never know if Santa will be bringing me something.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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