Review: HP Chromebook 14 - New Version (Snow White)

I never thought I would say this but this little machine rivals my Macbook Pro and for what I use my laptop most of the time, this $299 laptop is more than enough.  I purchased this for my daughter and now I am drooling over it and it's already in my cart.  Even though it's not technically mine, I have set up and tested it out just in case and I loved it and wanted to keep it. Just kidding, I don't take my kid's stuff. (or do I?) What's not to love, the price is unreal, I never imagined a computer would cost this much and be this useful, this light and fast to use.

If you are like me and live online, this HP Chromebook laptop runs specifically off the internet.  It has a beautiful design, super fast as in boots up in like 9 seconds and run off Chrome OS with all the apps you already use online.  Chrome OS has Gmail, Google Calendar, Google +, YouTube, Google Drive and so many more apps from the web store.  All these apps require just one thing, an internet connection, if you have one you're good to go.  If you are not online, you can always use it offline and update your information as soon as you plug back in.

At this time, I find myself moving strictly online for all my business use.  I have already made the move from Microsoft Office software where I had to be pinned down to a desk to Google Apps for Business.  Best move I've ever done! Read more about my experience here.  This has allowed me the freedom of mobility where I can service my clients much faster and everyone is happy.  Now my desk is a chair, at my bed, a couch, outside by the fire pit or out visiting my parents!  No matter where I am, I can always access the same apps and take up from exactly where I left off.  The cloud is awesome!

Making payments online, chatting on Facebook, researching stuff on Google or watching videos on Netflix or YouTube all can be done on this Google Chromebook super fast, portable, light and easy.  All you need is a Gmail account to sign in and done.  Surf away.

What it doesn't have: Windows Office or any other type of software on your PC.  At least not the software version of Office but you can still use their online app version of their software. This is a new type of OS (operating system) that runs off the internet.  No matter where you are you will access the same information.  Everyone and their grandmas are going strictly online now, providing their clients with online versions of their software.  A lot of people love and hate this conversion but either way, the cloud is the future.  There is no escaping it.  I have made the move and I don't regret it one big.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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