Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

No doubt, my love for writing began as a young girl and has continued on with me ever since.  But my love for reading goes back even further.  There is something magical about it, a book is something that takes me places I've never been.  Other than my dreams, a book carries me away and doesn't let me go.

While I love books, I love speed even more!  The ability to have a book in an almost instant has always fascinated me but it wasn't until I got a Kindle Paperwhite that I finally knew what it was about.  A book in less than 60 seconds?

Yes Please!

A gadget that reads like a book but isn't?  A gadget that gets me almost any book I want to read in less than 60 seconds?  It has taken me quite a while to finally take the plunge and go all digital, giving up the smell of a book is hard to replace, but there had to be a better way that wait days to get a book and begin to sink my teeth in it!

There are three versions of Kindle: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and the new one Kindle Voyage.  The one I have is the Paperwhite and the one I am reviewing. Amazon currently has it for $99 (with offers) or for 5 monthly payments of $19.80!  Amazon is making it as easy as can be for us to get our hands in a Kindle.  I am so glad I finally did!

Find your kindle here:  Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High-Resolution Display

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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