Movie Review: Dawn of the Apes

Dawn of the Apes, the sequel to the Planet of the Apes is quite exceptional. It seems to be centered around the truth behind trust and how difficult it is to achieve and maintain.  It is very fragile and so powerful at the same time.  It can build and it can destroy almost everything even a complete race.

Trust and hate appear to be the polar opposites but they are very similar.  They both are powerful enough to build and destroy. Be careful who you trust and be careful who you hate because those you trust or hate could end up being the wrong person.

My favorite parts of the movie:
  1. Family matters.  We got to see the story of Cesar and his thriving family. He worked hard to create a “civilized” family structure that he was so proud of.  “Ape don’t kill ape” was taught to their young as they believed as long as they took care of each other everything should be good. 
  2. Be careful who you trust. There is bad people everywhere, even family members can turn their backs on you.  Humans and apes after all end up acting just like each other and just like the human race finishes itself out, so do the apes end up turning on each other.  Humans and apes are not very different after all.
  3. War is never the answer and hate destroys all. This was the most painful and truthful part of the movie.  “War has already begun.  Ape started war, human will not forget.”  Cesar tells him human friend, warning him he must go to be safe.  These friends wanted peace but no matter how much they tried, there was always someone not willing to see past their hate for the other. 
Overall I give this movie a 4 STARS.

I don’t usually do this but this movie has a very strong message and it got me thinking. I like when a movies does that. This is not just an imaginary fairytale movie, but it’s very much possible.  How we humans treat each other out there sometimes seems like we are worse than animals.  Why or why must we behave this way?  How is it that rudimentary feelings of empathy and love could be completely missing in some and not others?  What makes us so different that some cannot feel for our fellow human?  Whey are some humans so rotten?

Hate.  Such a powerful word.  The root of all evil it seems.  It creates so much chaos and so much destruction.  Our human race and this world in general could be so much better if only we found a way to overcome or at least tame this feeling.  Find a way to keep it in check or redirect it to something else.  I will never know how this human race would fare should a pandemic virus kill off most of the human race.  What of the survivors?  Would we co-exisit and look out after each other? As it stands now I feel those that do survive would have it even worse than those who don’t. When we are faced with such a tragedy, will we vow down to our almighty creator and realize he is in control and not us?

This movie got 4 STARTS because it got me thinking.  Sad really.  As things look like right now, I don’t think we got this “humanity” thing figured out yet.  God guide us and protect us from anything bad happening in and around our lives.  God is in control of our lives and I can only pray he continues to work with our hearts in many ways so that one day we don’t have to fear ourselves.

The good news is that one person can make all the difference!
Here’s to being that person and making that difference! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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