Merry Christmas 2014

It’s the merriest time of the year!  Christmas is finally here and my girls are thrilled. I did not get many photos, or photo shoot but did manage to get these photos.   A little something from yours truly.

What is the main thing I am taking with me from this Christmas?  The fact that I enjoyed the moment.  Always much to worried about the photos of the memories than getting to truly enjoy the moments.  This is exactly what I did.  Sure I took some video of my kids unwrapping the gifts but mostly it was a one on one with them.  Just us, our own little private moment.  Maybe one day I will regret it, but at the time it felt right.

Christmas is about the moments, the emotions and the joy of being with family.  I looked like crap, Santa had a long night and well, it all ended with a high five.  We did it.  The morning looked nothing like how I imagine it would, it rarely does. I didn’t get up to do my hair or do my makeup.  It was from the bed jump and start passing gifts and enjoying the moments because they all happened a million miles per hour.  Like always.  Too fast to truly enjoy.

Get up and run or I was going to miss it.  That was my one and only warning and I heeded it. I ran almost tripping on my own blanket but I couldn’t miss it. No time to wash my face or brush my teeth.  I couldn’t miss one single moment and I didn’t.  Sometimes you have to take these extreme measures to get what you want in life. It’s called Mom-hood and you just gotta go with it.

Santa was good.  The parents were good.  Christmas was amazing.  Thank you Lord for giving us this magnificent occasion to enjoy with my family.  Your life gives life to our lives and for this we are tremendously honored and gracious.

I cannot give enough Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  This Christmas day was so special in every way.  My two year old Marina got to open up gifts on her own for the first time.  She had no idea what was inside all those boxes under the Christmas tree.  Now she does.  Camila got all the Frozen items she could possible want and well, maybe more adorable still, my twelve year old made Santa a letter!  This was so heart warming and I’m so very glad she did because she got just what she asked for.  That Santa sure knows my girls are my most treasured loves and the ones I would do anything for.

Thank you Santa for making my girls dreams come true. Thank you Lord for filling our hearts with so much love to share amongst us. Merry Christmas from my family to yours and wish your moments were as magical as mine.  Minus the crazy hair.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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