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With my new blog I needed to find a new way of blogging. Specifically a new way to write in my mac. I am a writer and I will find any piece of paper I can do jot down my thoughts.  So many, I feel if I don’t write them down, my head will explode!  haha No, really.  Maybe that’s why I suffer from migraines.

I made a transition from PC to Mac about a year ago.  While it’s taken me this long to finally settle in, there were many things missing from my Macbook.  Without a doubt it would have to be specifically Windows Live Writer.  Microsoft hit the nail on the head with that one.  Windows Writer was my everything when it came to writing.  The perfect implementation of what a blogging software should do, minus everything else I didn’t need.

I could write, I could publish and I could edit all without ever needing to open the browser, open the page, log in into blogger, open a few more pages until I was finally on the “new post” page, then try to get in the mood to say something.  At which point I couldn’t, I was too tired.

All this was unnecessary with Writer, except now I didn’t have it, Microsoft was pulling the plug on it and there was nothing anywhere near it. I cried for days. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried many other ways of blogging:
  1. Through my iPhone’s crappy Blogger App.  That worked for a while, ok for a long while.  I can honestly say I still have Blogger in my iPhone, I just can’t get rid of it. It’s too sentimental now.  Or vintage or whatever.  
  2. Then there was Blogsy. That only worked for my iPad but I tried it for a while and it was good, at least better than the Blogger app.  Using my iPad I was at least able to use a bluetooth keyboard and type a lot faster than my thumbs on my phone ever could. 
  3. Finally I tried ByWord and Blogo on my Macbook.  With Blogo I could only publish to Wordpress and with ByWord the process of publishing was always so glitchy I stopped using it all together! I was lost and no where to turn to but my paper journal.  How sad was that!
    I was desperate! I can tell you I was one frustrated and angry blogger. I missed months without much blogging.  But that’s all changed now.  It has taken me literally one year later to finally find an App that combined the simplicity of click and write, the lightning speed of publishing my raging thoughts so desperately demanded while implementation of images my photographer self demanded.
    Say Hello to Desk

    Now I have everything I need to blog more with the freedom to choose what I want to publish and what I want to keep private.  Yes, the juicy stuff stays private, safely stored away in my Macbook HD.
    Here’s what I love about Desk:
    1. Easy Writing.  You open the App and you write, that’s it. Really, that easy.  Nothing to get in your way, just click and write.  The page opens, distraction free and ready to rumble, with your thoughts that is. Even if you are old school fart and want to print your writing, you can also do that!  Yes, how cool is that.  Old School is my middle name by the way.  I’ve kept a daily journal since I was 12. That is old school!
    2. Easy Image Addition. Since I’m a photographer, I usually blog about my photos and no other app, other than Blogger for iPhone, allowed me the ease of importing my images to my post as easy as this. Just drop the image to your post, resize and done. That easy.
    3. Easy Publishing. Like super easy… wanna know how easy? With one click of a button.  Boom. Done.  Not on Blogger, not a problem.  Wordpress and many others are also supported.

    I’m telling you, this is the blogging/writing app that I’ve been dreaming about! It’s like the Blogging Gods themselves made it.  Yeah, ok, I’m getting creepy again.

    But seriously. It’s fast and easy and painless… well except for one thing, finding the courage to fork out the $29.99. That was the hardest part since I was so skeptical of all the other crappy apps I had bought before.  I can honestly tell you, that once you go past the “buy” button, it’s all smooth sailing from there.  This is one purchase you will not regret. Like ever.  Unless you’re super broke and don’t even have $29 bucks and now you can’t eat for a week.  Hey, but you can at least blog about it!

    Easy logging in to your blog, from Wordpress to blogger to whatever else there is, to easy publishing, to easy adding images all bundled up in one app. How cool, right?! All what's left is the middle part, the juicy content. That part is entirely up to you.

    And as always, I would never ever endorse something I don’t personally love and use, so I always wait a while until I have used it enough to find their flaws. I haven’t found any on Desk. Hard.to.believe I know, cause I’m very hard to please you know.

    You can find more information, an awesome video and everything you need to know on how to make the decision to buy Desk here. Goodbye Byword, goodbye Blogo and even Blogger App, this is the one blogging app that will be staying in my Dock for a long time to come. My Macbook is now my best friend again!

    Happy and Easy Blogging with Desk!

    PS. By the way, the developer John is suuper nice and friendly! I couldn’t recommend his work enough. He is committed to helping the blogging community unleash our thoughts within. You can find his awesome blog here: http://john.do/ 

    Lorena Frith

    Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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