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Writing is my way of life. It's what I do in a daily basis. Sometimes more than I should so obviously I'm always in the look out for the best new writing apps out there.
I have settled quite nicely with Desk for all my blogging/writing done through my Mac, however there's still something missing. Sometimes I don't have my Mac with me and I need to just let her rip.  For these times when I am on the go, there is one app that is always with me.  Day One.

Sometimes my head spinning with millions of words or thoughts just have to come out. It's how I cope. I write my feeling down so that I can find some peace and zen. So naturally that can happen when I least expect it and usually does.  When I need to write, I gotta write and this App works perfectly when I'm on the go.

I can't remember when I got it but my first post was in July 9, 2013 and ever since then I have never stopped using it. Sure the urge pops up every once in a while and wonder if there's something better out there and download an app or two just to try it out but nothing. Nothing comes even near it for me.

  1. iCloud syncs perfectly and so fast between all my devices. This is one app you can find for your iPhone, iPad and Mac and they all work smoothly with each other. Just turn on the iCloud and done. Start in one device and when I'm home I can finish up in my Mac.
  2. Organized in Month and Timeline view. I know exactly what days I posted and what days I slacked off.  
  3. Reminders. It won't let you forget to write! Every day at a set time you choose Day One will ask you how was your day? You can quickly jot down a thought or memory and done.  If you ever want to remember something, you can quickly find your day and read the details and done.  The best way to write your day in Day One is when it’s fresh and new... and what best way to do it that when you’re doing actually it!   
Overall I am very happy with Day One. It uses Markdown so your page is easy to be read by other apps and behaves just like you want it. What I don't like obviously is that this is not a blogging app, but merely made for the daily personal writings. You can however copy and paste your writings into your favorite blogging app or export the files or print the pages. I usually copy and paste from Day One to Desk then add a picture and click publish. Desk take over where Day One leaves off.

I also like that I can keep all my thoughts personal and secure with a password if I choose to. It's all good with this app and can't recommend it enough.  This app has never left my iPhone since I got it and I don’t think it ever will.  It’s a keeper!

I love my Day One Journal... Find it here: http://dayoneapp.com/

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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