Goodbye Pandora, Hello Beats

Hello beats music app.

I have been a paid subscriber to Pandora for over 3 years now.  I paid once and never looked back. I thought Pandora was the best way to listen to music there was, period.  I would pick an artist or a song and boom, there was music. Nothing fancy, just music.

But something was missing.  Well lots was missing but I dealt with it.  I needed more and Pandora only gave me what they wanted me to listen to, not what I wanted to listen.  This was always a problem but I dealt with it.  There was nothing else to take it’s place.  When I wanted to listen to random music, I opened Pandora, when I wanted to listen to what I wanted, I opened my iTunes library.  That’s just the way it was and there was nothing I could do about it.  Until now!

Then along comes Beats music and the heavens parted and I am now saying goodbye to Pandora, possibly forever.  So until my subscription expires, I am not renewing and here's why I am switching to beats:
  1. Beats give me the music I want when I want it.  No more hoping the song I like shows up.  I just look for an artist and their whole music library is there for me to choose from.  Over 12 million songs to choose from and counting.  It’s like the ultimate iTunes Library from my dreams just came true! And it’s all mine! 
  2. Beats allows me unlimited skips and rewinds. Yes!  Finally. So there is also these cool music collections that I can choose to subscribe to so I can listen to them later again.  But if there’s ever a song I don’t necessarily care for, I can skip it. I can skip as many songs as I want to or re-listen to the songs I do like over and over till my heart’s content.  You can also follow your favorite singers and become their faithful servants. 
  3. Beats revolves around me.  After I put in my favorite artists and the ones I couldn’t care less, it begins to know me.  Like in a creepy personal lever.  It suggests music libraries that I didn’t even know I needed.  Like it knows I am a slave to my children and their chores so it recommended a “folding laundry” music collection.  Yes, depressing I know.  But at least I am listening to great music while I do stuff.  
Music make everything better!!!!

The bad ugly side of Beats is that it’s a paid service, of course. It is $9.99 per month or if you’re from AT&T, you can have a family plan. I’m not new at this.  I’ve paid religiously for my Pandora One yearly subscription faithfully.  There is no price to great music for me and Beats is my music, my way when I want it!  No doubt I am keeping it.  You can Find Beats Music here.

Happy Music Listening with Beats!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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