Movie Review. Mockingjay, Part 1

It’s that time again, movie time. Yes, finally! While I don’t go to the movies as often as I would love to, I do enjoy myself when I finally get to. Thanks to the Fandango app, we were able to reserve our seats and have a more pleasant experience this time.  This was a first for me and we had a very great time.

If you are not familiar with the AMC Prime, their auditoriums have large screen projection screens with better than HD quality, surround sounds and my favorite part, recliners!  Oh yeah, that’s the way a movie is meant to be experienced.  There is a small increase in price, but for all this extra, it is well worth the extra dollars.

And now for the actual movie. I give it 4 Starts for the Mockingjay Part 1 version. This was, I say with a heavy heart, not as exciting as I thought it would.  It was more of a martyr version, with Katniss filled with guilt, doubt and dealing with and prepping for the upcoming revolution.  I don’t mean to ruin it for you, but don’t expect a revolution.  I tell you this much, great acting, no doubt, but nothing more.

I now have to wait one more year for the revolution? I guess yes, yes I will. I understand they want to make as much money as they possibly can but come on.  What’s up with the Part 2 of the part 3? This makes absolutely no sense!  Just name it Part 3 and the next one name it Part 4 and be done with it.  The one thing I personally don’t care about is that each movie doesn’t feel like a whole movie but a piece of it.  This is no Avatar that has a beginning, conflict, battle and happy ending.  Yes, the best movie of all time!

I m not happy about it but that’s all there is to it.  I have to deal with it and now wait for one more year.  Part 4 will undoubtably be the best movie of the whole series and I cant wait. :)
If you are a fan, you will LOVE IT no matter what.

Happy Movie Watching.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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